Nmap: extension to IPv6 features.

Nmap IPv6

For my final thesis I was proposed to extend nmap with ipv6 features.This seemed very interesting. I heared that there actually was a demand for an IPv6 nmap... So here's what came out...

Writing these modifications, I concentrated on the main scan techniques. It realy is to be taken like a start towards porting the whole nmap to IPv6. The modifications work under Linux. Sorry for other OS's but my knowledge isn't large enough yet. I just hope that it will be helpfull for future development of nmap.

Here's a link to a listing of the modified files and functions: ipv6_changes.


For the different releases, here's a link to my download section

my thesis "Extension of a network scanning tool with IPv6 features" : tfe_nmap_ipv6.pdf


patch -d <nmap-2.54BETA36 location> < <nmap-2.54BETA36_ipv6.diff location>


For the moment, only one IPv6 host can be given by argument to nmap. You will need to specify the -6 option for an ipv6 scan. Since the "massping" feature" isn't available yet, you will also need to use the -P0 option to prevent nmap from "pinging" the target. The target address can be given in numeric or named form.

localhost example:

./nmap -6 -sF -f -P0 ::1

Available scans:

-sT : tcp connect scan
-sS : SYN scan
-sA : ACK scan (needs more testing)
-sW : Window scan (needs more testing)
-sF : FIN scan
-sX : Xmas tree scan
-sN : Null scan
-sU : UDP scan

-f : fragmented scan, available for SYN, FIN, Xmas & Null scans.


Sebastien Peterson
Engineer in computer sciences. University of Liège.


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